About Us

Who are we?

Tower Pictures, a Kent based TV and Video Production company, was formed by Peter Lloyd-Williams, an award winning ITV cameraman.

Peter has 25 years experience filming news, drama, documentaries, features, sport and commercials in just about every conceivable location and with a wide range of people.

Peter's professional contacts within the television industry are extensive. 

This means we can put the perfect team of professionals together, specifically for your project, be it large or small, for TV or for Web.

Where our experience lies:

  • Corporate film production
  • Documentary/feature work
  • Drama
  • News
  • Multi camera live work

What kit do we use?

Our standard kit is based around the High Def HD PMW500 camera, this is the BBC camera of choice when it comes to factual programming.  With a wide angle Canon HJ14x4.3 lens we can shoot sequences quickly and efficiently with masses of scope on both the wide and the long end.

On a typical day out we'll also have a Vinten 100 Tripod, a lighting kit with a Dedo Bi-colour 1x1LED panel, Ianiro Bi-colour LED maybe a set of redheads or extra soft lights and a camera top light (PAG LED), lots of mics including a sennheiser 416 gun mic, radio mic, lapel mics and an RE 50 hand mic.

If the shoot demands it we can of course also provide motion control rigs, dollys, camera jibs and cranes or additional sound and lighting equipment.

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